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Air Barrier in Naples, FL

Have you noticed a draft in your building lately? Maybe cold spots during winter, or not being able to cool the rooms during summer? Controlling the environment inside your home or office can be frustrating when you don’t have a tight building envelope, leading to high energy bills, wasted heat or air conditioning, structural damages due to moisture, and wasted money.

As one of the most trusted insulation specialists in Naples, FL, Pro-Seal USA is where most people turn for advice on insulation and maximizing the energy efficiency of their commercial properties. If you’ve been struggling with unregulated temperatures and high energy bills, you probably need an air barrier system installed in your business, and using spray foam insulation is the easiest and best way to do so.

What is an air barrier and why do I want one?

An air barrier system is a combination of materials that controls the flow of conditioned air and unconditioned air in your building, usually keeping them separate. Air barriers minimize the movement of outside, unconditioned air, preventing pollen, pollutants, and other allergens from spreading throughout your space. They control air leakage, as well, meaning that they keep your air conditioned or heated air clean and circulating throughout your workspace without being invaded by outside air.

An air barrier provides many advantages, most notably that of energy efficiency. Having a barrier that keeps your conditioned air in and unconditioned outside air out means that your air conditioning or heating unit has to work less and is used more efficiently, as the conditioned air it emits stays inside instead of escaping. This means that you use the air conditioner or heat less, which in turn means that you use less energy, leading to a lower energy bill. In some cases, our customers’ energy bills have dropped by as much as 50% since using spray foam insulation to create an air barrier in their home or business. Air barriers also reduce the amount of allergens in your workplace, as well as prevent moisture buildup and water damage inside your walls and ceilings, because spray foam insulation is waterproof.

How do we do it?

Creating an air barrier inside your commercial space with spray foam insulation doesn’t have to be complicated, though it does require a professional like Pro-Seal USA. With spray foam insulation, we use your existing structure and create what’s also known as an air seal. To do this, your building envelope should already be secure with minimal leaks. We apply the polyurethane spray foam insulation material just as you would normal insulation, but the unique thing about spray foam is that it expands upon contact to 100 times its size.

This allows it to securely seal the space, filling in cracks, gaps, nooks, and crannies to create an air seal. When done to your entire home or office building, not only will you benefit from the great insulation properties, but your building will now have an air barrier. With the proper use of exhaust fans, energy ventilators, and return vents, your space will be much more energy efficient and temperature regulated, and your energy bill will noticeably drop.

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