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Insulation Removal in Naples

Pro-Seal USA in Naples, FL, has been providing our community with exceptional insulation services for years, so we’ve come to be the name you trust when it comes to your insulation needs. We set the bar for the industry, care about our customers, and do unbeatable work.

There are many reasons you might have for needing old insulation removed from your home, but whatever the reason, it can be a risky process that is best left to professionals to save yourself from hazardous contaminants. Insulation installation is one of our best-known residential services—but let us tell you about insulation removal.

Why remove the old insulation?

In general, there are many reasons that insulation removal could be a necessary step in bettering your home. One of the most common is upgrading your insulation, which means removing the old stuff to put new insulation in. Removing the old can make installing the new a quicker and easier process, but it also gets rid of any mold or animal contaminants that might have been in the material, which is essential when you’re trying to clean up the air in your home.

Other common reasons for insulation removal can include animal and insect infestations, as several types of creatures find insulation to be their perfect home. It’s also essential if you’ve had a mold problem, as it has likely attached particles to the insulation in your home, which can cause it to come back. If you have older insulation, asbestos and other harmful chemicals could be present in it, meaning you definitely need an insulation removal.

How do we
remove it?

Our team of dedicated experts will prep the area for the removal, laying down tarps and making sure pieces of insulation can’t escape into other parts of the house. Next, we vacuum it out of your home, keeping it safely stored in a sealed bag. This process is one of the more simple residential services we offer.

It’s imperative to remove and replace the insulation in your home if you’ve experienced flooding, fire, mold, or animal infestations. While it’s easy to forget about because it’s not something most people deal with often, your insulation can affect a lot of things about your home—including your wallet.

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